Standards Based Grading

For the sake of artistry… Standards Based Grading = SBG

SBG, how can I explain it?
I’ll take you frame by frame it
To have y’all jumpin, shoutin, singin’ it
You down with SBG? Yeah, you know me!
Who’s down with SBG? Every last homie!

Thank you “Naughty By Nature” for putting into words what I hope to do… explain how I do it and why I like it, and hopefully inspire you to consider as well.


My posts:
SBG: Why I Switched [what life was like before, but didn’t like]
SBG: My Definition [my incredibly articulate and short-winded explanation]
SBG: The Benefits [why it works so well for my students, their parents, and me]
SBG: The Concepts [how to create concepts that align with your curriculum]
SBG: The Logistics [how the system is set up for me]
SBG: The Assessments [what the quizzes look like]
SBG: The Requizzes [how the requizzes work]
SBG: The Gradebook [how to make the gradebook work]
SBG: Tips & Tricks [things to think about or try]

Interesting Links that I did not write:

7 Reasons for Standards Based Grading
Using Standards-Based Grading to Improve Education


5 Responses to Standards Based Grading

  1. A Burton says:

    Thanks, I fixed the ones that didn’t work!

  2. I love your blog about SBG. I think I am going to take the chance and do it next year! Are you still loving it? How have parents resonded? I am way nervous about explaining it to parents.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you for sharing all of this material. I have slowly been making my way toward SBG in my high school classes, but am going for it this year in my 8th grade classes too.

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