Investigating Square Roots & Squaring


Here are my materials that I used to teach VA SOL 7.1d Square Roots

Notes I made:

Investigating Squares Watermark.jpg

Done first with grid paper, drawing each square and counting the number of squares and the perimeter



Summarized Square Roots and showed them on both a number line and in a chart.

Available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

What we needed: notes, highlighters/colored pencils, grid paper

When I did it: in Course 2 Math during Rational Numbers Unit

How it went: Awesome! I’ve used these notes as my instructional tools for years and have found them to be a great way to dive deeper into the topic of square roots.

How I used it: We did the Investigation first, using grid paper to draw our squares, and then summarized our findings on the “Squaring & Square Roots” notes page.

How you can use it: The grid paper really helped them visualize and surprisingly many of them chose to hand count each square – helped me see who was either a perfectionist/conscientious or who wasn’t great at multiplication. I’ll find a students and share a copy.

One valuable thing that stuck with my kids, is the misconception that dividing the area by 4 gives the side lengh, or dividing it by 2 gives the perimeter. They would remember drawing it and proving to themselves that there wasn’t a direct way to calculate the perimeter from the area.

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