Modeling Integer Operations


Here are my materials that I used to teach VA SOL 7.3 Integer Operations.

Notes I made:


Integer Basics (Vocabulary & Representing); Adding Integers with Chips or Counters; Adding Integers with a Number Line




Modeling Subtracting Integers with counters/chips; Modeling Subtracting Integers with a number line; Multiplication & Division; Integer Operation Rules

Available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

What we needed: notes, highlighters/colored pencils, counters or chips

When I did it: in Course 2 Math during Integer unit.

How it went: Awesome! I’ve used these notes as my instructional tools for years and have found them to be a no fail way to do instruction.

How I used it: Went in our journals. Used the VIDEOS for absent students.

How you can use it: I have the kids use highlighters and/or colored pencils on their notes a lot.  It helps them when they look back at their notes to see where we got certain numbers.  I notice a lot of kids then use them on their homework and quizzes/tests.  Taking the time to highlight/circle/underline helps kids slooowwww down and take the time to think!


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