I’ve been awfully silent here on … so silent that I accidentally let my domain expire, and now I am back to until I figure out what to do… But after a 1 1/2 year hiatus I AM COMING BCK.

In the time since I last posted:

  • I moved to a new city
  • I started teaching at a new middle school
  • I am still teaching 7th grade math, but…
  • I started teaching Math 7 full time (versus Algebra 1 & Adv Math 7)
  • I see my students HALF as much as I saw my previous students
  • I also teach the 7th grade ELL/ESL students math (within my regular classroom)
  • I have a little less on my plate because I’m not on any instructional committees… so that is good, but feels a little strange to be disconnected
  • I still do Standard Based Grading, and am the only one at my school who does it but I’m trying…
  • And this year (year #2 at new school) we are changing our schedule where we see our kids 3 times @ 45 minutes, and 1 time for ~ 90 mins

What you can expect from Some Become Pearls NOW:

  • How I’m modifying SBG to work with my current population
  • How I modify my pacing/plan for our new schedule (HOW DO YOU TEACH IN 45 MINUTE BLOCKS I FORGET!!)
  • More of my Interactive Notebook Materials
  • How I teach my ELL kids

Why I am coming back:

  • I loved & missed the blogging community
  • I loved & missed getting feedback
  • I think it held me accountable
  • I am hoping it will help me regain my identity as a teacher
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