Verbal Expressions Mobile





What we needed: colored paper, white paper, string, single hole punch, string/yarn/fishing wire, wire hanger, paperclip (to connect to ceiling)

Another option for hanging is to use straws, connect them to form a circle, and hang items from them. Not the sturdiest option, but if you have a lot of straws and no hangers, it works.

When I did it: I do this activity after we talked about the many ways to refer to different operations and practice translating verbal & algebraic expressions.

How it went: This is a fun activity to get them to think more about what the operations mean and to get them to write about them. I like getting kids to write whenever possible, and this is one opportunity. It’s not necessarily the most “math heavy” work we do, but it does become clear who really “gets” what each mean.

How I used it: I counted it as a small project grade. Here is my rubric:


How you can use it: Use at any levels as a way to review operations and vocab associated with the operations





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