Classroom Organization: Student Materials

When I first got my classroom there were 30 hooks hanging on the wall when you entered the room.  For almost half of my first year I let them just hang on the wall with nothing to do.

My kids would enter the room each day, pick up their pouch from the bin that matched their group color, and would immediately have all the materials they needed.  The pouches contained: colored pencils (red, green, blue), highlighters (orange, yellow, blue), dry erase marker, dry erase rag, scissors, and glue.  If the pouch was missing any materials or they ran out, the students would go back to the back of the room and refill from labeled bins.

The system worked great, except I didn’t like the shuffle of the pouches as the students tried to find the right one.  One day, in the middle of class, I realized that the 30 hooks could serve a purpose!

I love having the pouches, as it certainly saves time throughout class, and these hooks are a perfect example of using what you’ve been given!


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