to do list: June 2013 UPDATE

Maybe this will hold me accountable… It kinda did.

What I’d like to accomplish by the end of the school year (June 13th):
– All my grading <- obviously this has to happen! I would be fired otherwise…
– Organize all 2012-2013 digital files (and back up all stuff!) <- won’t take long! So much!
– Organize all 2012-2013 hard copies <- almost done! So pretty! And labeled!
– Online course: “Returning Creativity to the Classroom” <- what was I thinking? Due soon!
– Write a post on organizing files <- screen shots & photos! Low priority. (aka LP)
– Write a post on online class <- review class & post parts of reflection? (if I can) LP
– Project Based Learning Grant project <- would be nice to have done by then
– Add examples of projects/assignments to current posts <- take pics as I pack up! Do it girl. (After you finish class!)
– Edit current posts so they are complete <- while I watch tv Do it girl. (After you finish class!)

Reward? manicure and/or pedicure after 2 tasks completed

Update #1 (1 min later): I added the reward to make it fun!
Update #2 (2 min later): I may take off the June 13th deadline, and change to end of June for my sanity
Update #3 (3 min later): Changed reward to after 2 tasks because my roommate asked if I wanted to go this weekend
Prediction? I change reward to “before 2 tasks completed” and take away the deadline…

So, I don’t know if I really accomplished 2 tasks before I got my manicure/pedicure 2 weeks ago, but it all happened.

New Reward… Manicure/Pedicure after I finish my class.  The class is due this Sunday and this week ends with a wedding Friday night, a fun Saturday planned, and a flight out of town Sunday.  It’s all gotta be done regardless, and I need a mani/pedi before the wedding. Sounds like the perfect plan.

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