this is my life: May 2013

I’m alive! I am just trying to tackle all of the million things I said I would do, along with my job.  With all the extra projects I have taken on, tutoring, and other work, I feel like my to-do list never stops.


Here is what is going on for teachers as the end of the year is a race to the finish…


My students are in the process of taking end of year tests so we are reviewing for them.  As we review, I try to emphasize that we are just summarizing all the material and reviewing it for the sake of reviewing.  I don’t want to create an environment where they are just cramming and memorizing everything at the last minute. With some classes/tests I feel like a student’s performance can either end up reflecting what they really learned all year, or what they memorized.


All I hope is they don’t go into it thinking this:


I hate ending the year with the testing because it’s hard not to think it all comes down to this:


On days I don’t HAVE to stay after, I’ve been racing home to enjoy the nice weather on my back deck… while grading.  I try to make a point one day a week to just enjoy the weather, without doing anywork by either reading or doing yardwork.  I’m almost grateful that computer screens are difficult to read outside, otherwise I would probably find work to do.  As I look out in back deck and yard, I can’t wait for summer!  Whether I am outside at recess, feeling the beautiful sun or just in my window-less classroom, when I see kids acting like fools,  I refrain from saying this:

summerI am most looking forward to not working such long hours so I can actually act my age and socialize with my friends.  I don’t need to go to happy hour every week, but I would like to take my friends up on offers for playing squash, going out to dinner, or just hanging out.  My teacher friends and I are just thinking:


Mainly, I am just trying to breathe, and remember:


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