Integer Station Activity


Stations are a great way to get kids to practice a skill in a fun way.  A middle schooler won’t work for an hour straight on math, but break it up into 5-10 minute chunks of different activities and suddenly they are hard at work.  Read about my love of stations here.


Available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site! Includes the .docx and .pdf version of the student worksheet and the directions.  I am working on the additional materials, although you can easily make them on your own.  I just want to make them pretty… and digital. And pretty AND digital takes time.




What we needed: worksheet for students to carry around with them, directions printed at each station (I did these on colored card stock), candy if you want (Skittles or Smarties) and some additional materials… “mad minute” type sheets with integers,  deck of cards, and Unexpected Events Banking with the cards printed and cut up.


directions for each stations

When I did it: I do this station activity at the beginning of the year in my “Math 7” class after we have learned about absolute value and integers and have become somewhat proficient with adding & subtracting.

How it went: This is the first time we do stations in my class so I made sure to go over my expectations.  I have them posted on the board as we work and they also write additional expectations on the packet.  Each station takes between 10-12 minutes to complete.  When they are done I have them answer their “unit questions” on the back of the packet.

This is what I post on the board as they work.
This is what I post on the board as they work.

How I used it: I counted it as a class participation grade.  They basically all got a 10/10.  I got to walk around and see who was struggling and who was finding it easy. Here is an example of student work: Integer Stations Example.

How you can use it: Practicing integer operations (addition/subtraction).  Add some multiplication & division stations if you wish.  Use whichever stations you need at the time.

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