Silent Football

Silent Football is the best game known to man. Ok… maybe that is an exaggeration.


In my classroom, Silent Football is loved. It is cherished, and it has spawned many inside jokes within my class as well as many “Ms. B do you remember…” moments.

I learned of the game while working at a summer camp when I was freshmen in high school. We played the game with 30 middle schoolers in a gym while we waited for a bus to show up for our field trip.

I brought the game to the beach where I vacation with 4 other families every summer.  We began playing the game when I was 14 and the youngest of the 12 kids was 2.  Other kids on the beach would join in over the years.  Young kids would start out by sitting on an older kid’s lap watching the game.  Once they got older, maybe 6 or 7, they could join in and play on their own.  As the years went on we continued to play the game and the parents were grateful as they witnessed 12-15 kids with an age range of often over 12 years play a silent game and having the time of their life.

The best part of the game is when someone “loses” and has to do the punishment before they can lead the next game.  Yep, the loser gets to have the best job once they make the players all laugh. Seems fair… right?

At the beach, the loser (this includes me at times) would do things like: ask strangers to put sunscreen on their back, crab walk down the beach singing a nursery song, belt out the National Anthem while standing on a large rock and saluting an imaginary flag… the list goes on.

In class, its a little different. First, it has to be appropriate.  Second, it shouldn’t humiliate the “loser” but instead just make the rest of the class laugh.  Well, maybe the loser is a little embarrased, but generally the “loser” had complete control over becoming the loser.  Thirdly, I have to approve of it.  Finally, it also has to be contained within our classroom (I am often flexible with that) because it is supposed to be for just our entertainment.  We’ve never had an issue with the kids wanting to do something they didn’t want to do.  Some highlights: rolling on the floor claiming to be a burrito, having your name changed for the rest of the class, and then there is the standard sing ______ while _________.

I’m working on getting permission to post a short snippet of the game, but until then, here are the directions.

silentfootballdirectionsWM silentfootballdirectionsborderWM

Available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

Coming soon- a video explaining the directions!

Ever play? Sound like fun?

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