Squaring a Negative Foldable


How annoying is it that kids do not see the difference between “(-3) squared” and “-3 squared” when it seems so obvious to me?!?!

When I first started going over this with my kids back in August, they looked at me like I was NUTS that they would need help with this. Well, well, well… little did they know how much they would struggle with this once they were actually given some problems.

Foldable I made:


Squaring A Negative Closed


Squaring A Negative Opened

Available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

What we needed: foldable, highlighters, colored pencils

When I did it: in my Algebra class during our review chapter

How it went: Well! I saw kids look back at it a lot to keep it straight.  I think emphasizing the exponent, base, and coefficient really helps.

How I used it: Went in our journal

How you can use it: I have the kids use highlighters and/or colored pencils on their notes a lot.  It helps them when they look back at their notes to see where we got certain numbers.  I notice a lot of kids then use them on their homework and quizzes/tests.  Taking the time to highlight/circle/underline helps kids slooowwww down and take the time to think!



Squaring A Negative Foldable in our Notebook

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