Proportions in Real Life RAFT

My kids get so excited when I say we are doing one.  They are generally so engaged in their work that it extends to a second day.  I use them as an activity within a unit as well as as assessment at the end.



ProportionRAFTOverviewAvailable on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!


What we needed: paper, pencils/colored pencils/markers/crayons, rulers, yard/meter sticks, catalogs/grocery store sheets, computers were used for finding prices and for kids wanting to make a brochure on the computer

When I did it: After we finished a unit on Proportions.  The unit included: solving proportions, percent proportions, consumer math, and scale drawings.

How it went: Awesome! My kids get so excited when I tell them we are doing one. We spent an hour of one class, 45 minutes of another, and then the kids finished for homework.

How I used it: I counted it as a quiz grade.  I debated counting it as their full grade for the unit, but the way it was set up, not every kid hit all the same objectives.  Each child used a lot of proportions, but they didn’t each do percents, scale drawings, and consumer math. They hit a lot of the same, but some didn’t do anything with scale drawings and some didn’t do anything with percents.

How you can use it: If you wanted, you could add something so they all had to hit the same objectives, or to make it more challenging.  For example, have the architects and classroom designers find the cost of a new floor or find the percent more room they created.  You could also have each kid answer 5 questions after, and the kids who did the scale drawing would answer 5 percent questions, the kids who did more money, answer 5 scale drawings questions, etc…

StudentWorkComing ASAP!

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