First Day of School RAFT

I am so grateful I do this activity every year.  I learn so much about my kids in the first few days that other teachers take weeks to learn.  Kids do a RAFT applying what they have learned about my classroom and classroom policies.


As I monitor and talk to kids…

I learn what type of activities they like to do and what their strengths are
I learn who likes to work alone and who likes to work in groups
I learn who is going to do the minimum and who is going to do more than I ask
I also learn who is going to ask me a million questions no matter what we do

… and all of this is with the content (math) taken out of the equation.


Students chose one of the following:


Available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site! Includes the assignment and rubric I made. It’s free!


What we needed: paper, pencils/colored pencils/markers/crayons, rulers, yard/meter sticks, some colored paper

When I did it: 2nd and 3rd day of school amongst some other short “get to know you” activities and classroom community building

How it went: Awesome! My kids loved it. They thought it was the coolest thing they had ever gotten to do.  I think they also recognized, appreciated, and respected WHY I was doing it and that made them care more.

How I used it: I counted it as a class participation grade.  They basically all got a 10/10.  They were my classroom decoration and the parents enjoyed seeing them at the Back to School Night we have the first month of school.

How you can use it: First day(s) activity for your class or homeroom.  Sub plans if you are gone early in the year.  Match up with other teachers and build on it to include school wide information.

What first day activities do you do? Would you do something like this?


ArticleExample ConversationExample MapExample OtherExample WantedExample

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